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Panmure Garge (1998) Ltd

Panmure Garage has been supplying and installing Gas Struts / Gas Stays to the New Zealand market since 1998. In that period we have established a large range of gas struts to suit a variety of applications, and this process is on going. Our Gas Struts / Gas Stays are custom made which means that the length, diameter, pressure can be to your specific needs. 

Come in and ask us what makes us different.

Gas Strut Specialists

Gas Struts, or Gas Stays as they are sometimes called are used in many applications some of which include: 

Containers with lids such as tool boxes
Cabinet doors
Window supports
Engine Bonnets
Van Rear Doors
Hatch Backs
Door Closers
Boat Hatches
Trailer Doors
Horse Float Ramps
At Panmure Garage we can provide new stays and re-gas your existng stays.

8 Montressor Pl, Melones Bay, Howick , Auckland

022 429 5588 
09 5345002